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Gtd is an international tech and telecoms company, staffed by a committed team whose purpose is to make technology easier and improve people's lives every day.


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Gtd in Chile

Our origins date back to 1979, when we started providing telecommunications services to banks, companies and governmental entities. The customer has been at the center of our decisions ever since our launch over four decades ago. We are characterized by our spirit of service, which drives to become a technology company that collaboratively and innovatively builds solutions that transform the lives of people, companies and their projects.

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We are Telsur in southern Chile

We are a company with a regional vocation, which began 130 years ago in Valdivia with the purpose of connecting people and communicating. Telsur is Gtd in the south, a company "that is southern, just like you". We have always been committed to local development and we have been pioneers in bringing the latest technological services to places where no one else has ventured. We have provided communities with the infrastructure required to connect to the Internet and have achieved the highest penetration rates in the country.

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Imagen de prueba