New Gtd Technologies

Gtd has made significant investments in infrastructure over the last decade and offers an international telecommunications connectivity system.


km of metropolitan networks.


Km of long-distance terrestrial networks.


Km of long-distance submarine networks.


Connected cities.

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“We see ourselves as a key player in today's world. We were the first company to install fiber optics in South America, we connected Chile from north to south, and we linked Africa and Europe through our submarine fiber optics."


Data Center

We provide IAD lines with IP technology, delivering the same functionalities as a conventional analog line, in addition to SIP trunking service and IP voice channels that can call the public telephone network (PSTN). This service lets you program the number of voice channels to be transmitted over the link, so they are accurately sized according to your needs.

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Fibra / Pratt Cable

The deployment of the Pratt submarine fiber optic cable, stretching 3,500 km (2,500 miles) represents one of the largest private investments in telecommunications of the past 20 years. It has doubled Chile's data transmission and connectivity capacity and, together with the company's southern cable, stretches for more than 4,000 km (2,000 miles) from Arica in the far north of Chile to Puerto Chacabuco in the remote south, making the country much more resilient.

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