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Communications services connecting the company through different means of data transport, via MPLS, Internet or wireless. This connects processes and clients quickly and steadily.

Gtd is renowned for offering the fastest and most stable connectivity in the countries where it operates.

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We help your company to be a pioneer in its field.

Gtd's experience in each industry, backed by its strategic allies, guarantees that it is the best choice when it comes to aiding and shaping digital transformation at companies.

We have vast experience in the automation and organization of processes in industries such as mining, retail, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and transportation and logistics, among others.

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Our robust international network of Interconnected Data Centers —most of them Tier III-certified by the Uptime Institute— ensure high availability and redundancy to keep your data protected and secure, guaranteeing the operational continuity of your business.

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Solutions focused on analyzing and preventing computer attacks, where business continuity is a priority. We offer several solutions in each of these lines of business.

Technology to make your life easier

We offer robust infrastructure and connectivity, as well as cybersecurity, IT services, multi-cloud and digital transformation.

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About Our Industries

Gtd has the perfect solution for every industry. We are experts in areas such as mining, retail, finance, healthcare, government, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, improving and automating processes. We rely on specialized technological knowledge coupled with the support of strategic allies, providing customized, efficient, and flexible technological solutions.

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Global Business Services

Driven to always provide the best customer experience, we task ourselves with getting to know our customers thoroughly, so that together we can adapt the technologies to solutions that meet their needs. We work to ensure the operational continuity of companies, through IT and OT platforms, such as Baas, hosting, housing, cybersecurity, and IT consulting services.

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An international telecommunications connectivity ecosystem has broadened the scope of the technological products and services we offer.